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Hamann Motorsport - Ferrari Tuning Brochure (sx224)
SKU: sx224
Tuning and conversion options for the following:
Ferrari Testarossa
Ferrari F355
Ferrari 550 Maranello
Ferrari 360 Modena
Ferrari 360 Spider
Ferrari 348
Ferrari 456
Ferrari f40
$32.00 (Approx: €31.04)
Hoofprints - Newsletter of the FCA Empire State Region (fca-es-2000-08)
SKU: fca-es-2000-08
Newsletter of the Ferrari Club of America, Empire State Region
$12.00 (Approx: €11.64)
Hors Ligne - N19 - 1983 (zp088)
SKU: zp088
Hors Ligne - N19 - 1983
$22.50 (Approx: €21.83)
Hors Ligne - N22 - 1983 (zp110)
SKU: zp110
Articles / Stories include
  • Ferrari Days, September 15th, 1983
  • Formula One Power Boating
  • 1983 F1 Grand Prix season recap: Nelson Piquet takes Driver's title & Ferrari takes Constructor's title
$15.00 (Approx: €14.55)
Hors Ligne - Special issue Ferrari - 1985 (zp070)
SKU: zp070
Hors Ligne - Special issue Ferrari - 1985
$31.50 (Approx: €30.56)
How to Restore Electical & Ignition Systems (zb336)
SKU: zb336
Here's is a specific "how to" guide to the restoration of your car's electrical and ignition tsystem. Complete information and instructions covering every phase total restoration, accompanied by 120 illustrations and photographs.
$10.00 (Approx: €9.70)
Hudson Sedan / Country Club / Cross Country Brochure 1955 (zz142)
SKU: zz142
Single sheet, soft four-fold brochure images and detailing technical and performance specifications of each model.
$25.00 (Approx: €24.25)